The Right and Wrong Ways to Create an Atmosphere for Worship

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Whether you realize it or not, as church leaders, you are responsible for creating the atmosphere for your church. Creating an atmosphere is much like creating a church culture, but with a more focussed approach. Let me explain.

Our hope for our church services is to impact people in a powerful way that will ultimately change the coarse of their lives toward a relationship with God. But, how often do we as church leaders actually think past our message or our worship song or the offering talk and think about how each of these pieces play apart in creating the atmosphere of the service?

Many times each of these pieces of the service when added together create confusion and chaos. And when “everything goes right” and people respond to the worship, the message, AND the offering talk (that’s a miracle) we think, “Wow! God showed up today.” I want to be clear, I am not making fun of anyone with these statements. If anything, I’m telling on myself and how I used to think.

Don’t Neglect

As leaders of the church, we are responsible for creating the atmosphere for people to worship, pray, and garner faith. Worship leaders, lead pastors, creative directors, please talk to one another well before your services. Talk to each other and see where God is directing you for the weekend. Lead pastors, give your worship leaders, program and creative directors some direction as where you believe God is leading you and the church for your weekend’s services.

Our “Garden of Eden” (what we are in charge of tending) is the environment (atmosphere) of our service. Be responsible with what God has made you responsible over. Create an atmosphere void of distractions so that the attention of every person is on God.

  • Create an atmosphere to worship.
  • Create an atmosphere to preach.
  • Create an atmosphere to teach.
  • Create an atmosphere to pray.
  • Create an atmosphere for healing.
  • Create an atmosphere for faith.
What are some effective ways that you approach creating a purposeful atmosphere for your services? 
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Jamison Jones