About Me

Hi. I’m Jamison. I’ve been in church all my life. I starting serving when I was 12 years old. I helped setup the chairs when our church didn’t have a building and we were mobile. This was long before having a “mobile” church was a “thing.” I began playing in the worship band when I was 14 and have been playing worship music ever since. I’ve played on multiple worship teams and even was in a worship band with a group of friends. We played at all of the church lock-in’s around town growing up.

I’ve had the opportunity to play with secular bands and solo artists. I’ve toured around the US and Canada playing large venues. But I’ve always come back to playing music in church. God has shown me that purpose is to teach church worship teams and creative teams what I’ve learned through my experience and training. I want to help you grow your ministry.


My purpose in life (my calling) is to help others move along the path God has placed them on. God has given me the opportunity to serve others in ministry through creative means and problem solving. One of the attributes I have is the ability to see what other don’t see. I tend to see past the surface and dig into the deeper issues at hand that may be holding you or your church back. Then I help you solve the deeper problems that are keeping things from moving forward in your church.

The key to a thriving ministry is…

1. Get on the right path.

If you’re on the wrong path, no matter how well or how fast you do it, it won’t matter. God has a perfect plan for you that only you can do. The talents, abilities, and people that God has surrounded you with can give you a hint of what is right for you.

2. Do the right things.

“Of course we need to do the right things” you may say. But many times we don’t know what the right things are for us. We tend to do what everyone else is doing and just “spin our wheels” and wear ourselves out. Start simple and grow your ministry. Invest in your people. They are the ones that will help you grow your ministry.

3. Make small adjustments along the way.

We don’t do everything perfectly. Even though NASA computes the exact trajectory for their rockets to land on the moon, they make thousands of small adjustments all along the way to make sure that the rocket and it’s contents arrive at its destination safely. We need to do the same and evaluate everything we do and make adjustments that keep us on course.

4. Amputate when necessary.

Ouch! When a part of your ministry is sucking the life out of the church, it’s time to cut it off. Don’t let it kill you. This is Bible, folks. Jesus said “He cuts off every branch in me that bares no fruit” (John 15:1). Evaluate it. Change it. If it continues to kill you, cut it off.

If you need help identifying any of these areas in your ministry I’m available for consulting. Book time in the calendar below.