Night Two of Seeds Conference 2013

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Night two of Seeds Conference began with more energy than the last as people mingled in the auditorium with anticipation. The crowd is very intuitive. As they preservice music grew louder we knew something was coming. Whitney George, COTM arts director, came out on stage and cordial with the crowd explaining how the night would progress. Whit shared about SeedsU, their one day, hands on, intinsive, practical application, how-we-do-what-we-do, conference coming up this summer.

Once Whit finished, they quickly went into a video of their Next Internship Program. Next is a hands-on approach to learning about production in the church. If there was something like that available when I was that age I would have definitely been apart of it to learn the trade.
After the video ended the room went completely black. Andy Chrisman walked on stage and a deep pad that shook the room began to play. He sang an epic version of “There is a Light” by Delirious?. During the song there was a powerful moment where a soothing voiceover about light and the sun and about Jesus being both and the hope for people.
by Jamison Jones

Andy Chrisman bringing it.

After that powerful and moving performance, Chris Munch and Angie Woods took the stage and bantered back in forth with one another about Seeds being fun, etc. They began to remanice about the good ol’ days of where we came from in the 80’s and 90’s. Just then ton of props came out that you’d see on church stages from that time period. Potted plants, plexiglass pulpit, background singers dressed in suits, chorded mikes with colorful wind screens, and horn section took the stage. Chris said that the only thing that would make this even better was the nation’s flags, and just then the four video screens hanging about the stage shown four flags unravelling and drapping down from the ceiling.

Photo by Jamison Jones

Photo by Jamison Jones

Chris and Angie broke out into a medley of songs ranging from “More Love, More Power” to “Ancient of Days.” Surprisingly it took very well to the crowd and they began to sing out as well. People actually began to sing hard from the audience. It gave everyone a good laugh.

An amazing worship set followed. Dyana’s performance of “It’s Your Love” drew the audience into a more intimate time of worship. Jordan followed up with “Take Heart” by Hillsong United.

Pastor Willie George set mood for the rest of the night when he introduced the speaker, Craig Groeschel. He explained that he could have gotten upset with Craig’s ministry that took off with amazing speed and influence because he was in the area, but Pastor Willie George really felt that it was an honor that God would call him to minister in the same area.

Craig Groeschel took the platform and honored Pastor Willie George for his dedication and time he invested into the thousands of children and students across decades. Craig Groeschel preached an amazing message on being prompted by the Holy Spirit. He took the audience on a journey through his message. It was funny, compelling, self reflecting and motivating.

The night ended with an After Party in the lobby. The Dallas String Quartet played pop tunes on a mini stage in the lobby. There were places in the lobby were you could take your picture with funny hats, glasses and mustashes.

In Summer

The entire day was full of laughter, heart felt performances, and inspirational teaching.

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Jamison Jones