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CCL 024 : Ask Me Anything Episode


Earlier this week I sent out a video on twitter and I asked the community if they had any questions for me to answer on my show. I had a great time answering these questions and giving my thoughts regarding these topics.

  1. 4:24 – How do you attract the community surrounding your church?
  2. 19:58 – Who’s your favorite worship leader that you’ve worked with?
  3. 21:55 – How does the relationship between worship leader, music director, and creative director work best?
  4. 31:20 – Being that I work with volunteers and need people, how do you let people go who want to serve but really aren’t up for the task?
  5. 35:20 – Most leaders put the brunt of what’s happening on their shoulders so not to burn out their teams. Is this related to trust or Faith issues?
  6. 41:23 – As a leader, where do your responsibilities begin and end when it comes to your team?
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  • Website update – I’m trying a cool calendar app out on my website for scheduling. And also check out for my other services I currently offer.

CCL 021 : Do You Have A Culture of Survival?


In this episode you’ll find my thoughts regarding a survival culture versus a creating culture within your church. I share how a survival culture can lead to stagnancy and a lack of momentum. I also share my thoughts on how to gain momentum within your church. I give you a few questions you can ask yourself and your staff and volunteers that will help bring a culture of creativity and problem solving. Please share your thoughts on this episode in the comments section of the show notes at



CCL 016: Reigniting My Passion For What I Do Because of Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is an “unofficial” podcasting mentor of mine. I model a lot of what I do after him and how he podcasts. Cliff has produced over 30 podcast shows and between he and his wife, they’ve produced over 3000 episodes. They’ve produced TV fan podcasts, tech podcasts, on family, spiritual matters, and social media and even a podcast about podcasting.

He recently gave a keynote at a podcast conference held in Dallas called Podcast Movement a few weeks ago. He published the keynote on one of his podcasts. It was so inspirational and motivating that I had to do a podcast on about that talk and share how it effected me and how my podcast will change and get better because of it. That episode of his can be found here.

Thanks, Cliff, for following your passion. You’ve changed my life because you followed your passion. My hope is to do the same for others.



In this episode I give a few of my thoughts on a scripture I came across and how it marked me.

I also have a guest interview with Josh Roberts. Josh talks on his experience on growing a thriving youth group and building relationships. He also talks about his new book, Pray for Surf. He tells of how Continue Reading…

In this episode you’ll find

Leadership – It’s like a mirror. And a guest interview with photographer, Austin Mann.

In the interview we discuss Austin Mann’s life changing story, Continue Reading…

On this episode you’ll find my 5 steps on how senior pastors and high level church leaders can leverage the people of the church toward one focus to make the most impact in the communities the serve. Continue Reading…