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CCL 023 : Let’s Make Better with Blaine Hogan

  • Today I have an interview with Blaine Hogan to share with you.
  • The twins are home. We’re getting no sleep because they’re on a 2 hour feeding time.
  • If you haven’t already, remember to pick up my new ebook, Creating a New Church Culture: 6 Proven Guidelines for Creating a New Church Culture That Makes a Difference, at In the book I give 6 principles that I discovered when I was building my team when we were making changes within our church. These principles helped guide our team and us as leaders through a bit of a rocky transition. But we came out of it stronger than before and these principles helped get us through. If you’re going through transition or change, or know that you will be, and every church will at some point. You’ll want to pick up your copy.
  • Website update – I’m trying a cool calendar app out on my website for scheduling. And also check out for my other services I currently offer.

Today I interview a friend of mine, Blaine Hogan. Blaine is the creative arts director at Willow Creek Community Church. I’ve had Blaine on the show way back in episode 4. Check out that interview at Today we discuss his new online course called “Make Better.”


CCL 022 : God Is In The Business of Miracles


In this episode I give updates on why I haven’t released a podcast in over a month. And I share on the success of The Lead Conference.


  • The Lead Conference was a success. Now you can watch general sessions for free of The Lead Conference.
  • I’ve updated my Services webpage. Find out more on the website.


CCL 021 : Do You Have A Culture of Survival?


In this episode you’ll find my thoughts regarding a survival culture versus a creating culture within your church. I share how a survival culture can lead to stagnancy and a lack of momentum. I also share my thoughts on how to gain momentum within your church. I give you a few questions you can ask yourself and your staff and volunteers that will help bring a culture of creativity and problem solving. Please share your thoughts on this episode in the comments section of the show notes at



CCL 020 : Give The Drummer Some

In this episode I give you a ton of URL’s to check out.


Celebrate My One Year Anniversary With Me!

I celebrated my one year anniversary of being a podcaster!!! To celebrate I’m moving my show from a twice a month released podcast to a weekly podcast. That means more great content to help you in your ministry.

Worship Course

I announced my new worship course that’s coming out SOON! I’m opening a limited number of spots at a deeply discounted rate. Sign up to get more information at By the way, just for signing up to get more information, I’m giving you my 10 Essential Tools for Running a Smooth Worship TeamThese are my go to tools that I use on a regular bases to help run my team.


I’m making myself available for Consulting. If you have any questions, issues, or problems in the area of Leadership, Building Teams, Social Media, getting volunteers, or any number of other things related to the church, I would like to help you. Email me at and we can talk about how I may be able to help you.

The Lead Conference

The Lead Conference is hosted by my church, International Family Church, in Boston, MA. The conference is October 22-24th 2014. The website says, “You don’t have to do it all, change it all, or fix it all at once. All you need to do is take the next step. The purpose of the The Lead Conference is to equip, empower and encourage the local church, church leaders and volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior pastor, church leadership, you work in student ministries or in worship, technology or the creative arts. If you have a heart for people and a desire to continue to grow in what God has called you to do, then The Lead Conference is for you.” This year’s speakers are…

  • Dr. Jerry Savell
  • Dr. Mark Rutland
  • John Bevere
  • Matthew Barnett
  • Tony Cooke
  • Jonathan Del Turco
  • And more

To sign up and get more information go to

I Released My First Ebook

Creating A New Church Culture: 6 Proven Guidelines For Creating a New Church Culture That Makes a Difference is now available for FREE. This came out of my experience of helping change our church culture. When we decided to change how we ran our services and our worship team, I needed something to help guide the team through the changes. I discovered these principles that I wrote about in the book while going through this change. Go to to download your copy today.

Give The Drummer Some


I give the drummer in this video some much needed feedback.

 Other Links and Updates

CCL 019 : Family and Personal Updates

In this episode I update you on all the amazing things God is doing in my life and my family’s lives.


The Lead Conference
  • Do you need help…
    • launching your creative team?
    • to make your worship experiences more powerful?
    • to put a plan together to launch that new ministry?
    • get your volunteers to get onboard with what you’re doing?
  • I am now available for consulting.
  • Email:

CCL 018 : How to Build Successful Teams


The Lead Conference

Creative Church Leadership Worship Course

How to Build a Successful Team

  1. Know the purpose of your team
  2. Start with the right people
  3. Don’t just be concerned with getting it done, but getting it done right.
  4. Communicate clearly
  5. Evaluate often
  6. Lead your team

Feedback Hotline – 781.205.9399

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CCL 017 : The Myths of Creativity with David Burkus

David Bukus, author of The Myths of Creativity, is a professor at Oral Roberts University. He’s also a leadership expert and speaker. David debunks the so-called myths of the creative process and the stereotypical “creative artist.”

David and I discuss some the the myths of creativity and some of the challenges churches face when tackling the creative team mentality.



CCL 016: Reigniting My Passion For What I Do Because of Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is an “unofficial” podcasting mentor of mine. I model a lot of what I do after him and how he podcasts. Cliff has produced over 30 podcast shows and between he and his wife, they’ve produced over 3000 episodes. They’ve produced TV fan podcasts, tech podcasts, on family, spiritual matters, and social media and even a podcast about podcasting.

He recently gave a keynote at a podcast conference held in Dallas called Podcast Movement a few weeks ago. He published the keynote on one of his podcasts. It was so inspirational and motivating that I had to do a podcast on about that talk and share how it effected me and how my podcast will change and get better because of it. That episode of his can be found here.

Thanks, Cliff, for following your passion. You’ve changed my life because you followed your passion. My hope is to do the same for others.



Creative Church Leadership Podcast
CCL 015 : Pray for Surf with Josh Roberts

In this episode Josh Roberts joins me again. We discuss his new book “Pray for Surf” and doing greater works than Jesus. Josh breaks down the principles of answering your calling and how they’re tied to your passions. We discuss the callings of David, Elisha, and even Jesus and how to apply all of this into our own lives. Continue Reading…

In this episode I give a few of my thoughts on a scripture I came across and how it marked me.

I also have a guest interview with Josh Roberts. Josh talks on his experience on growing a thriving youth group and building relationships. He also talks about his new book, Pray for Surf. He tells of how Continue Reading…